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Who We are

PsychoGuys is a semi-realism and teamwork oriented Arma 3 unit founded in August 2014 with members from all corners of the world, As a haven for players craving the happy gaming experience between by-the-books Milsim and casual cancer all under our fair US Army ranking system which will reward you for your efforts.

Serious Fun

We aim to provide what can be described as “Serious Fun” envisioned by Dslyexci, with the camaraderie of locker rooms during the downtime with the heart-pounding tension of real battle when bullets start flying. We specialize in Zeus missions, usually with infantry but we are always open for ideas.

Quality Not Quantity

One Great Member Once said “QUALITY NOT QUANTITY” Therefore, you’ll find our members that are friendly to each other with a bit of banter since they have been friends with each other for a long time but they are great at accepting new members so if you are new to our unit you will fit in nicely just beware of the banter since it can go far sometimes.